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I’m a search, social media and online monetization specialist; with more than a decade of experience in online communications. Prior to co-founding theMediaFlow, I was Head of UK (Commercial) Search Partnerships at Yahoo!

After graduating from the University of Durham, I began working in print and online advertising for Electronics Times. Learning about business, sales and negotiation at the hard end of classified sales. I moved into the communications industry and spent over four years at PRNewswire, specialists in global news distribution. After PRNewswire, I moved to Investis Ltd, to a role that straddled a traditional design agency, meets Investor Relations, meets Business Development.

Finally, I ended up at Yahoo! where I spent four years managing the UK commercial search partners; which included brands like Guardian Unlimited, MoneySupermarket and AutoTrader, plus a number of affiliate and search networks like ValueClick to some of the biggest domain and arbitrage businesses in the industry.

In 2009 I decided to join the dots on this disparate background and experience, and on May 1st, together with Stephen Adds and Sarah Clements; launched theMediaFlow.

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